Art Gallery


The Group’s business of dealing in Chinese calligraphy and paintings in Hong Kong are centralized in Tsi Ku Chai, Shenzhen Pok Art Co. Ltd., Sino Art Auctioneers Ltd., and Harmony Art & Culture Co., Ltd. These companies organize both ancient and modern calligraphy and paintings exhibitions, exchange activities and auctions regularly for Mainland painters and Hong Kong and overseas artists. Various exhibitions and relevant activities are even conducted in faraway places such as Southeast Asia and North America, which has helped to promote interests in Chinese calligraphy, paintings and traditional art in the international community.


Tsi Ku Chai, the traditional Chinese art gallery, has reformulated its development planning and business strategies in 2016. The gallery will take advantage of Hong Kong’s supremacy as a leading international marketplace to explore and expand into the global art market. It represents a bridge between Chinese traditional culture and modern ideologies and hopes to increase global awareness for Chinese art and culture.


At present, Tsi Ku Chai’s business covers Chinese seal, calligraphy, paintings, ancient books and holding art exhibitions. In 2017, it expanded the business to art education by building cooperation with the Xiling Seal Art Society and establishing Xiling Institute in Hong Kong.