Vision, Mission and Strategy


  • The Group is dedicated to building itself a pre-eminent publishing conglomerate in the Greater China region with international markets and it intends to continue to commit itself to the promotion of Chinese culture and the advancement of modernization, and to establish itself as a contemporary culture media enterprise.


  • To promote education, cultural studies and academic development in Hong Kong and the rest of China by utilizing the Group’s corporate advantages and specialties.
  • To encourage cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign cultures by building an international enterprise based in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong.
  • To provide quality books, cultural materials and services.
  • To foster employee loyalty by maintaining harmonious relations between employees and management, and protecting employees’ rights and benefits.


  • To continuously expand the Group’s core business, e.g., publishing, wholesaling, retailing and printing.
  • To create and maintain a cutting-edge cultural enterprise in the knowledge-based economy.
  • To expand cross-regional markets, i.e., Mainland China, the Taiwan region, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe.
  • To integrate the advantages of the Group, raise production efficiency and competitiveness, and obtain greater operating value.